Look for these candidates on Row C when you vote

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was the greatest President in living memory. He refused to compromise his Conservative principles, and was rewarded with two landslides.

Our Candidates

The next election cycle is right around the corner. Watch this space to learn the names of all of the Conservative candidates from this area!

The following candidates have received the endorsement of the Monroe County Conservative Party. They were chosen for their philosophical approach, their qualifications and their accomplishments.

Your support for Conservative candidates is not just important to the conservative Party. It is crucial to the success of Conservative values in our community. Vote for them on Row C in November, and let them know where you stand when you contribute to their victory.

New York State

John Gallagher New York State Supreme Court

Monroe County

Patrick O’Flynn Monroe County Sheriff
Joseph Nesser Family Court Judge
Jason Rosenberg Monroe Co. 10th Legislative District

City of Rochester

Tony Micciche Rochester Mayor
Andrew Hollister Rochester City Council


David Dunning Chili Supervisor
Virginia Ignatowski Chili Town Clerk
Ronald Evangelists Chili Town Judge
Mary Speer Chili Town Board
Mark Decory Chili Town Board


Paul Kimball Clarkson Supervisor
Ian Penders Clarkson Town Judge
Patrick Didas Clarkson Town Board
Allan Hoy Clarkson Town Board
Robert Viscardi Clarkson HIghway Superintendent

East Rochester

David Bonacchi East Rochester Town Judge
Ted Conners East Rochester Village Trustee
Kelley Swagler East Rochester Village Trustee


Mark Assini Gates Supervisor
Peter Pupatelli Gates Town Judge
Frank Cassara Gates Town Judge
Lee Cordero Gates Town Board
Andrew Loughlin Gates Town Board


William Reilich Greece Supervisor
Shannon O’Keefe Pero Greece Town Judge
David M Barry Sr. Greece Town Judge
Vincent Campbell Greece Town Judge
Brett Granville Greece Town Judge
Andrew Conlon Greece Receiver of Taxes
Mike Barry Greece Town Board – Ward 1
William Murphy Greece Town Board – Ward 2
Josh Jensen Greece Town Board – Ward 3
Diana Christodaro Greece Town Board – Ward 4


Eric Peters Hamlin Supervisor
Richard Moffett Hamlin Town Judge
Jennifer Voelkl Hamlin Town Board
Jason Baxter Hamlin Town Board
Steven Baase Hamlin Highway Superintendent


Jack Moore Henrietta Supervisor
John Howland Henrietta Town Board
Kristine Demo-Vazquez Henrietta Town Board


David Seeley Irondequoit Supervisor
Joseph Genier Irondequoit Town Judge
Joseph Valentino Irondequoit Town Judge
Peter Wehner Irondequoit Town Board


John Moffitt Mendon Supervisor
James Merzke Mendon Town Clerk
Cara Briggs Mendon Town Judge
Cynthia Carroll Mendon Town Board
John Hagreen Mendon Town Board
William Smith Mendon Highway Superintendent


Gay Lenhard Ogden Supervisor
David Murante Ogden Town Judge
Thomas Cole Ogden Town Board
Thomas Uschold Ogden Town Board
David Widger Ogden Highway Superintendent


Jack Barton Parma Supervisor
Carrie Webster Parma Town Clerk
James Roose Parma Town Board
Daniel Barlow Parma Town Board
Richard Wilt Parma Town Board
Brian Speer Parma Highway Superintendent


Tony LaFountain Penfield Supervisor
Amy Steklof Penfield Town Clerk
Jim Mulley Penfield Town Justice
Andy Morse Penfield Town Board
Paula Metzler Penfield Town Board


Mike Barker Perinton Supervisor
Jennifer West Perinton Town Clerk
Michael Arnold Perinton Town Judge
Peg Havens Perinton Town Board
Ciaran Hanna Perinton Town Board


William Smith Pittsford Supervisor
John Bernacki Pittsford Town Justice
Mary Gehl Doyle Pittsford Town Board
Jared Lusk Pittsford Town Board


Brad O’Brocta Riga Supervisor
Kimberly Pape Riga Town Clerk
James Fodge Riga Town Board
Deborah Campanella Riga Town Board
David Smith Riga Highway Superintendent


Cathleen Frank Rush Supervisor
Rita McCarthy Rush Town Board
Gerald Kusse Rush Town Board


Kevin Johnson Sweden Supervisor
Karen Sweeting Sweden Town Clerk
Anthony Perry Sweden Town Justice
Robert Muesebeck Sweden Town Board
Patricia Hayles Sweden Town Board


Thomas DiSalvo Webster Town Judge
Patricia Cataldi Webster Town Board
Barry Deane Webster Town Board


Linda Dobson Wheatland Supervisor
Nicole Bayly-Henshaw Wheatland Town Judge
Edward Shero Wheatland Town Board
Howard Hazelton Wheatland Highway Superintendent