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William F. Buckley, Jr.

William F. Buckley, Jr. was the intellectual godfather of the Conservative movement. His writings galvanized the Conservative majority and challenged liberal orthodoxy.

The History of Our Party

The Conservative Party of New York State was formed in 1962, the “high tide” of liberalism, to provide voters with a real, philosophical alternative to the candidates provided by the major parties. Since then, the party has experienced great successes, including the election for United States Senator in 1970, when James L. Buckley was elected on the Conservative line. In the watershed elections of 1994, we provided crucial votes for George Pataki for Governor, Dennis Vacco for Attorney General, and many other victorious candidates throughout the state. In 2009, Doug Hoffman, running on our line alone, garnered 45.98% of the vote, the highest for a minor party in a U.S. House race since 1949. Just as important have been our stands on issues, helping to defeat wasteful spending, bad legislation and resisting the leftward drift of state politics.

The Monroe County Conservative Party bases its candidate endorsements on qualifications and philosophy. We can pick and choose among enrolled Conservatives, Republicans, and Democrats. The Conservative Party selects the “very best” and conservatively-oriented candidates. In a local (Town Supervisors, etc.) year, we will endorse up to 125 candidates. We are often the “margin of victory”. Our endorsement is like a “double-edge sword” in that the Conservative vote seems to be consistent regardless of whom we endorse. When we support one candidate, we in effect also take that number of votes away from his or her opponent. There are approximately 8,000 enrolled Conservatives in Monroe County. We receive our votes from enrolled Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats and those not registered in a Political Party. Traditionally, we receive approximately two to three times the number of votes, on our ballot line Row C, as there are registered Conservatives in the election unit.

In the past, we fought and helped to defeat Metro Police (The beginning of metro government). We are for more public safety funding. The first priority of government is to protect its citizens. We favor term limits and oppose Judicial Major Party Cross Endorsements. The Monroe County Conservative Party helped to form C.A.B.E. (Citizens Against Biased Editorials) to counteract Gannett’s liberal, uninformed, racial, and unfair editorial bias. The Monroe County Conservative Party issues a bi-annual Newsletter (May and October). It is sent to all enrolled Conservatives in Monroe County and to key individuals throughout New York State (a total of approximately 10,000 recipients). We have Conservative bumper stickers. The Monroe County Conservative Party advertises on radio stations a week before the election setting forth the Conservative philosophy and our endorsed candidates.

We have an annual dinner in May (500+ people usually attend). During my Chairmanship our dinner speakers have included: Senator Al D’Amato (4 times), John Faso (2 times), Evan Galbraith, David Keene, Bob King, Peter King, Rick Lazio (2 times), Rush Limbaugh, Herb London (2 times), Wendy Long, Rich Lowry, George Marlin, John O’Neill, Bill Paxon, John Podhoretz, Joe Robach, William Rusher, Bill Sammon, Dean Skelos, Tom Reed and R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. In 2010, our County wide endorsement for County Court was challenged by a Democrat. She and her husband went to 2,000 Conservative homes and spent approximately $50,000 on the primary. We won the primary 4-1.

The foundation of all our programs is a belief in the free men and women of New York State. The Conservative Party represents the people who work, save, raise families, obey the law, and pay the cost of government. We rely on the people. Liberals look to government to solve our problems.

The Monroe County Conservative Party is an active, well-organized, grass roots, united, aggressive, philosophically-oriented political Party. Our Party’s key word is LOYALTY (to our philosophy and to our endorsed candidates). We are playing a constructive pivotal role in the Monroe County community. The Conservative Party intends to continue to play such a role.

Tom Cook

Tom Cook
Chairman, Monroe County Conservative Party

Thomas D. Cook, Esq. was born in Rochester and raised in Pittsford. He graduated from Denison University in 1968. After graduation he joined the Marines and served in the Vietnam War. He thereafter graduated from Syracuse University Law School and was admitted to practice in New York State in 1974.